Cultists & Cthulhu

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Leading a Cult is Hard Work

Cthulhu arises with coffee, newspaper, and delightful bunny slippers

Cultists & Cthulhu is a card game where your fervent desire to lead your cult in nefarious rituals is complicated by incompetent underlings, meddling kids, and imminent madness.

  • Build your cult from acolytes and followers who're brave, smart, and… neither.
  • Thwart rivals with voices from the dark and puzzling cosplayers.
  • Awaken evil and place the dreaded collect call of Cthulhu!

Unfailing Madness for Lovecraft-heads

Parent, child, and teddy bond over their devotion to the Great Old Ones

Cultists & Cthulhu means dependable fun. It's based on the proven core mechanics from the bestselling Flapjacks & Sasquatches card game.

  • Simple rules welcome Cthulhu-heads of all ages, from junior acolytes to Elder Things.
  • Quick decisions keep the game moving.
  • Unleash cosmic nonsense and villainous trick in equal measure!

Game Details

  • 129 full-size playing cards
  • 25 "Iä-Iä!" ritual tokens
  • 7 Cthulhu-green six-sided dice
  • Printed rules
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