Hull Breach - In Defiance of Dictators

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  • Hull Breach - In Defiance of Dictators
  • Hull Breach - In Defiance of Dictators
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Hull Breach! was created by a team of current and former military members who wanted a fast paced, easy-to-carry card game that employed real world military tactics

The Basics

Each player has his or her own deck of cards consisting of a Station, ships, modules, Marines, technological breakthroughs, events, and tactics. Players compete head-to-head to destroy each other's fleets and space station; the last player or team standing is the victor

In Defiance of Dictators

In Defiance of Dictators is the 3rd box set in the Hull Breach! Universe. Play straight out of the box, or combine with the first 2 box sets. 

Will you  trust in the troops of the RDF's Marine Training Division, or the commerce of the colonial Independent Shipping Outfit? Take up the mantle of the Rattlesnake Confederation, and strike a blow for independence? Or do you depend on the Merchant Marine Logistics Center, and help the RDF war efforts to drive ever onward?

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