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Working for an Evil Overlord is never the safest of jobs, nor the most prestigious...nor the most lucrative, but there's still a certain amount of pride in doing so. That's especially true when the Overlord's fiendish plan for world domination finally comes to fruition. At that point, the best place to be is at the Overlord's side as their right-hand man, woman, or ogre. This lofty position over all other Minions is the single goal, the end-point, the focus of every Minion to become the one and only HENCHMAN.  

In Henchman: The Card Game, each player is a Minion working for an Evil Overlord. When the previous Henchman comes to the end of their employment—due entirely to unnatural causes, we assure you—it is exactly the opportunity these Minions been looking for! The Minions launch an epic competition of subterfuge, deceit, and backstabbing among themselves to prove themselves worthy to become the next Henchman!

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